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All Categories > Bottles, Jars and Containers > Pharmaceutical > Caps and Closures > Screw Cap for E-Z Ex-Traction Vials  

Screw Cap for E-Z Ex-Traction Vials

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Black Phenolic Screw Caps with Teflon Faced 14B Rubber Liner

These autoclavable caps are designed lo ensile the intimate in product safety. The liners are made of a nontoxic while styrene-butartwe rubber and are laced with Tefton®, which offers excellent chemical resistance

PP Screw Caps with Bonded Teflon Faced Silicone Liner

These white Polypropylene autoclavable caps have a bonded Teflon® faced Silicone liner making them ideal for storage and containmeni of volatile solvents. sensitive compounds, and corrosive chemicals. The liners consist of 0.055" (1.4 mm) of silicone and 0 005" (0.14 mm) of Teflon®.

PP Open Top Screw Caps with Bonded Teflon Face Silicone Liner

These Polypropylene autoclavable open top caps have a bonded Teflon® faced Silicone liner making them ideal for storage and retrieval of volatile solvents. sensitive compounds, and corrosive chemicals. The liners consist of 0.055" (1.4 mm) of silicone and 0 005" (0.14 mm) of Teflon®.

Glass Filled PP Screw Cap

  • Open top polypropylene glass-filled cap
  • Provides greater heat resistance than other PP caps
  • Teflon®/Silicone septa bonded to cap
  • Ideal for EPA samples
The polypropylene is glass-filled to provide extra chemical and heat resistance compared to standard polypropylene. The 0.005" Teflon® / 0.120" Silicone septa is bonded to the cap, proving a permanent connection that is ideal for repeal injections. 24-400 screw cap size fits Wheaton 20.25.40. and 60 ml sample vials.

Polypropylene Screw Caps and Pour Rings

  • Replacement caps for Lab 45™ media bottles
  • 45 mm Screw thread
  • Inner sealing ring
  • Available with liner and center hole
  • Autoclavable
These 45 mm non-reactive. autoclavabte caps have sure-grips for easy handing, Use these caps with the Wheaton Lab 45" media bottles or whit other media bottles having a 45 mm screw thread finish. Caps with the inner sealing ring provide a leak-resistant seal. Caps without the sealing ring can be used with the 224100-503 stopper for lyophillization applications. The liner in in the Teflon® faced silicone lined cap is ultrasonically bonded to eliminate toxicity and to ensure product safety The cap with the open top can be accessible with a syringe and can also be used with a 43 ...

Polybutylene Terephthalate Screw Caps

  • With Teflon- laced silicone liner
  • 45 mm screw thread
  • Withstands temperatures up to 200° C
  • Autoclavable
PBT screw caps have high heat resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 200°C for short periods of time Autociavable. Use the ethytene-tetrafluorethylene (ETFE) pour ring with a red PBT screw cap. It withstands temperatures up to 200°C and fits any Wheaton bottle with a 45 mm screw thread finish Autoclavable.

Linerless Polypropylene Screw Caps

  • Colored caps
  • Use these caps with Wheaton Leak Resistant Narrow Month Bottles
  • Available In natural, while, red, blue, and green

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I-Loc Closures

  • Polypropylene closures with gray bromobutyl/50 stoppers
  • For use with Diagnostic Bottles
  • Eliminates use of separate aluminum seal and rubber stopper
Use these with Wheaton glass diagnostic bottles catalog number 219360 through 219374. These closures are specifically designed for diagnostic applications, and offer all the advantages of an aluminum seal and stopper with the convenience of a screw cap. The unique combination of a stopper and screw cap ensures excellent sealing characteristics. Making them ideal for liquid reagents. You can access sample contents using a syringe through the stopper or with a pipette after removing the screw cap The Polypropylene closures are available in Black, White, red. blue, and yellow. ...

Polypropylene Screw Caps

  • Unlined for use with Wheaton Glass Diagnostic Bottles
  • Solid or open top screw caps
  • Use with thin-flange lyophilization stoppers sold separately.
  • Five colors available

Snap Caps

  • Use these caps with Wheaton Soap-Cap sample botttes
  • All sizes have tabs for easy removal
  • Natural low density Polypropylene.

45 mm Vented Screw Caps

  • Sterile polypropylene cap with 0.2 micron hydrophobic filter
  • Ideal for use with glass spinner flasks or roller bottles with 45 mm screw thread
  • Individually wrapped
This vented cap e a single use 45 mm finish cap that is pierced, and the opening is covered with a hydrophobic fitter to allow a flask or bottle to 'breathe" while eliminating bacterial contamination from this venting. The product allows gas exchange white preventing liquid. water or contaminants from passing through the filler. Cap cannot be autoclaved.
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