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All Categories > Bottles, Jars and Containers > Pharmaceutical > Ampules > Cryule Cryogenic Ampule, Pre-Scored > Item # SCIAND-80022  
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Item # SCIAND-80022, Cryule Cryogenic Ampule, Pre-Scored

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  • Pre-scored to eliminate filing
  • For biological sample preservation
  • Allows for storage at low temperatures
  • Can be used in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
These glass cryogenic vials are designed for preserving biological materials with liquid nitrogen. They are made of Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass the conforms to USP Type 1 and ASTM Type 1. Class A requirements. There special designs allows for storage at low temperature as well as rapid thawing. Pre-scored ampules eliminate the need for filing.

Specifications  · Product Information



1 ml/cc


10.5 mm


61 mm

OD at Top

5 mm

Product Information


Are all glass containers that can be hermetically sealed to preserve sample purity and extend sample shelf life. Wheaton ampules are ideal for standards packaging, environmental and diagnostic standards, lyophilization and cryogenic storage. These ampules protect against sample contamination due to their tamper-evident seal. A gold band on the stem of the ampule indicates that the ampule is pre-scored to facilitate snapping off the top other ampule eliminating the need to file the ampule.

Sealing Methods

Standard Ampules

Tip Seal Method:While holding the ampule body, Insert the tip of the ampule stem into the sealing fame. Heat the tip approximately 3-4 mm from the top. Gently rotate the ampule White heating the tip until the melted glass fuses into a smooth dome.

Funnel-Top Ampules

Pull Seal Method:
In addition to easier filling, the funnel top ampule is easier to seal using the Pull Seal method. Hold the funnel top with one hand and the body of the with the ampules with the other hand. Insert the center of the ampules stem in to the sealing flame. As the glass softens, rotate the ampule white pulling the funnel top off. This will require very little force and will allow the glass to seal itself. This method can be used for all ampule configurations

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